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Pierrette Raymond


Pierrette.Raymond-683x1024Pierrette Raymond is an author, an educator, a mother & wife, and has been an entrepreneur for over 18 years, running multiple businesses. Her background in Psychology & Education and further studies in Death & Dying, Bereavement, Funeral Services and in Relocations & Transitions, has provided her with incredible opportunities to serve families and individuals during crisis and at very challenging and emotional times. Whether she is helping a family through the loss of a loved one, working with a family who is facing downsizing and moving, or working with an individual going through a separation or divorce, she understands the challenges we face in the journey of loss, transition and moving forward.

Pierrette joined OutCare’s Board in 2015. Her interest in palliative care was heightened during the ten week journey she spent at her mother’s bedside as she died of cancer. Following her mother’s death, Pierrette immersed herself in Death & Dying and Bereavement studies. She attended Hospice & Palliative Care Ontario conferences where she found an inner calling to work more closely with families and individuals who were facing palliative care.

Her most recent endeavor called Women Living Fully began when she found that many of her female clients and friends were struggling with stress, overwhelm and grief. Being in the sandwich generation of having aging loved ones and caring for children of their own (many of whom were leaving the home), all while managing careers and businesses, these women hungered for a community to support them, encourage them and be a wealth of resources. Pierrette saw the need and is now leading Women Living Fully.

She is a mother of two children. Her son, Joshua, is 21 and her daughter, Briana, is 18. She has been with her husband, Luc, for 28 years, 23 of those in marriage. She is an avid runner and walker (she has three large dogs) and loves to read, write and be in nature.

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An estimated 90% of us will need palliative care.

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Most of us wish to die in home yet at least 50% of deaths still occur in hospitals.