OutCare Foundation Bursaries

OutCare will once again provide 24 palliative care volunteers across our region with OutCare Foundation Bursaries to attend the 27th Annual Hospice Palliative Care Education Day.

With expert advice from the Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program, OutCare selects high-priority projects, such as these bursaries, and works closely with generous donors to raise the funds to make them possible. Since the OutCare Foundation Bursaries Program was launched in 2012, it has recognized and celebrated the important contribution of 124 volunteers. Over the last 5 years, donors have provided $15,500 for these bursaries.

If interested in applying for a bursary, please contact the Champlain Hospice Palliative Care program by email at nvalk@champlainpalliative.ca. Application deadline is March 25th, 2017.


What bursaries mean to recipients and palliative care organizations:
  • "Our volunteers put a tremendous amount of time and their own resources into helping those in our community facing a life ending journey. OutCare's assistance in expanding volunteer knowledge impacts greatly on our community. We appreciate this very much." - Karen Wagner, Program Coordinator, Madawaska Valley Hospice
  • "I love being a volunteer for Hub Hospice and want to add to my knowledge and experience for the benefit of the people I would help. I also would like to acquire more knowledge to benefit other volunteers by being able to share with them and encourage their efforts." - Sheila Boydell, Volunteer, Hub Hospice Palliative Care

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