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About the OutCare Foundation

Where does the OutCare Foundation fit?

The OutCare Foundation is an independent registered charity dedicated to raising funds for community-based palliative care in Eastern Ontario. Our goal is for individuals and their families to have access to the care and support they need for their end-of-life journey.

Our mandate doesn’t tie us to any agency, government, or provider, allowing us to fund priorities in our community, and to assess and provide support where it is needed most.

Experts, caregivers and service providers from across our region have set out a vision for palliative care improvements, but there is a funding gap to making this vision a reality. This is where the OutCare Foundation can and does help.

We have identified four priority areas where additional funding will have an impact on the availability and quality of palliative care in our region:

• Providing care when and where it is needed;
• Supporting families, caregivers and volunteers;
• Connecting people to information; and
• Expanding knowledge through education.

The OutCare Foundation is dedicated to helping organizations in the palliative care network. All patients and families should receive the care they need, in the setting of their choice, for their end-of-life journey.


All residents in Eastern Ontario have access to quality community-based healthcare, in particular palliative care when and where they need it.


To enhance community-based palliative care across Eastern Ontario through awareness and by funding of projects and initiatives that support palliative patients, their families, caregivers and professionals.

What is eligible for funding?

One-time costs or costs where ongoing funding is in place.

Projects/programs must fall within one or more of our priority areas.


*Current funding priorities must always be responsive to community needs. Funds are given only to registered charities, not to individuals.

Future funding priorities are always welcome so planning can begin as early as possible.

Please take a look at the OutCare Foundation’s current funding priorities.

After being established in 1984 as the Riverside Hospital Foundation to raise funds for the Riverside Hospital of Ottawa, our Foundation was re-named the Ottawa Regional Health Care Foundation in 1997 following an acute-care hospital restructure in Ottawa. The Foundation was re-named again in 2001 due to our focus on “out” of hospital “care” – the OutCare Foundation. Responding again to the needs of our community, the OutCare Foundation narrowed its focus to end-of-life care in 2005. As an independent organization, the OutCare Foundation has been able to fund a broad range of initiatives for palliative care providers throughout the region, working with them to ensure we make the most out of every dollar. Whether through our successful telemedicine project, our work in Advance Care Planning, bursaries for palliative care volunteers and students, or by providing equipment for comfort and care, the OutCare Foundation works closely with generous donors to improve the quality of life for those facing end-of-life. With your help, we have and will continue to make a big difference. Since 1998, we have provided over $2.2 million in community-based funding, $1.75 million of which was for palliative care.

OutCare Foundation
214-720 Belfast Road
Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5

Jennifer Cass
Program Coordinator
(613) 232-2273


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Why Donate?

Donate to support palliative care across Eastern Ontario.

Donate to ensure palliative care is there you when need it.

Donate because it matters!


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Did You Know?

An estimated 90% of us will need palliative care.

Only an estimated 30% of those who need palliative care can access it.

Most of us wish to die in home yet at least 50% of deaths still occur in hospitals.

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