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Robert Roby, CFDS, CPCA


Robert Roby is an award winning senior wealth advisor. His deep Robert-Robycommitment to his clients financial well-being is well documented over the past 30 years. He rejects the status quo and the notion that wealth is created by short-term thinking and the machinery of Wall street. Instead, he believes that his clients are best served by instilling constructive habits, transparency and knowledge. Robert is a Senior Wealth Advisor with IPC Securities Inc.,  Family Tree Wealth Management

Robert has joined the OutCare Foundation in 2016 as a director and fundraiser having experienced first hand the tremendous role palliative care offers to both patients and their families at a time of sadness and distress. Palliative care enables patients to die with dignity and the knowledge that their loved ones are maximizing their rights to access of quality end-of-life care. Robert believes that every Canadian has a right to palliative care and will work towards helping to achieve this.

Other important issues Robert has undertaken include raising money for breast cancer and supporting other causes in the Ottawa area. He is currently authoring a book which he hopes will demystify and educate the investing public in the creation of meaningful wealth for all.

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Did You Know?

An estimated 90% of us will need palliative care.

Only an estimated 30% of those who need palliative care can access it.

Most of us wish to die in home yet at least 50% of deaths still occur in hospitals.