Linda Bruce


Linda spent most of her career in the telecommunications field working provincially, nationally and internationally. She has experience in strategic positioning, corporate and marketing communications, product and market management, and operational management. In the last decade of her professional career she joined the hydro industry where she led 7 provincial and corporate teams that delivered electricity conservation programs.

Linda has always had a volunteering spirit. Past experience includes everything from organizing and running highland dancing events to working on the 2017 Grey Cup. She currently volunteers with the Ottawa REDBLACKS/OSEG. Previous board experience was with Harmony House Women’s Shelter where she spent 10 years in various capacities.

Experiences with elderly friends brought into focus the challenges of navigating the end-of-life journey. Understanding that there are options, what those options are and how to access the services needed to support the end-of-life journey of choice is the motivation behind Linda’s interest in the OutCare Foundation.

Linda joined the Board in January 2020.