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Carefor Hospice Cornwall Comfort Kit Pilot

October 8, 2021

Building connection and providing tools for better care Timely access to palliative care can both improve quality and extend length of life for individuals with a life-limiting illness. This care also provides necessary support to caregivers, primarily family and friends. But, without a background in health care, navigating the palliative care system can be too…

OutCare Gives a Foothold to Compassionate Ottawa

October 6, 2021

By Jim Nininger When individuals are treated for life threatening illness, approximately 5% of the time is spent with the formal health care system and the other 95% with family, friends, neighbours and other informal caregivers. The numbers are clear: community support, in all its forms – family, friends, neighbors, coworkers – is vital. The…


August 23, 2021

By Allison Griffith RN. Coordinator Volunteers HHNL Our life is a story and the ending matters.” -Dr. Atal Gawand The OutCare Foundation has faithfully supported the Home Hospice North Lanark (HHNL) home visiting program by their generous grants over the past several years. As I leave my role as Coordinator of Volunteers HHNL on Aug…

Caregiver Training Goes Online

July 7, 2021

So many of us are, will be, or have been caregivers of a friend or family member living with a life-limiting illness. At times, it can be an overwhelming journey. In 2018, Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program (CHPCP) launched their Practical Caregiver Training course to ease this journey. Over five in-person sessions, caregivers learn everything…

New Grants

June 23, 2021

We are always proud to share how we invest your generous donations in palliative care, whether by funding walkers for a medical equipment loan cupboard or education bursaries for palliative care volunteers. But with so much demand for funding, how do we decide where to allocate your dollars? OutCare communicates regularly with our amazing hospices…

Black Tie Bingo—In a Box!

June 10, 2021

Saturday, November 13, 2021 We could not let another year go by without Black Tie Bingo so we have decided to take it online. OutCare has partnered with Beckta Dining & Wine to deliver our Black Tie Bingo in a Box to you at home. The box will contain hors d’oeuvres with cocktails and a…


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Read the Ottawa Business Journal article on how OutCare is getting people outdoors and active in support of home-based palliative care

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An estimated 90% of us will need palliative care.

Only an estimated 30% of those who need palliative care can access it.

Most of us wish to die in home yet at least 50% of deaths still occur in hospitals.

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