Dave Kalil Concert Raises Over $7,500!

The January 29, 2022 Dave Kalil Take a Break concert in support of the OutCare Foundation raised just over $7,500. That’s enough to fund 200 Grief Care Kits!

Grief Care Kits help bereaved individuals navigate their journey, with specific kits for both adults and children. We believe that Grief Care Kits are an invaluable tool to help address current demand and want to make them available to all hospices within the Champlain Health Region.

This is the second time that Dave Kalil has supported OutCare with his Take a Break concerts. Dave and his producer Erin have built a warm and dedicated community that enjoy music and connect on Saturday nights. Since November 2020, Dave and the Take a Breakers have raised nearly $180,000 for local charities! We are grateful to be included in the love.

We started the concert with a pledge from Friends of OutCare of $5 per viewer. That quickly rose as the audience joined in. With the generosity of the Zed family –returning this year to add their support – we finished the evening with a pledge of $70 per viewer.

Thanks to everyone involved: Dave Kalil, Erin Benjamin and the loyal Take A Breakers, the Zed Family, Friends of OutCare and OutCare supporters. What a fantastic evening!

If you missed the show, you can still watch at and support the Grief Care Kit Project with your donation.