Leadership Renewal

June 2, 2021

The OutCare Foundation Board has worked tirelessly during this pandemic to support our palliative care partners while re-imagining how we can best serve. At our Annual General Meeting on June 2, 2021, returning Board members renewed their commitment, appointed their new executive and elected new members.

Introducing Our Executive

Christine Irvine takes the helm as Board Chair in addition to her responsibilities as Treasurer. Joining her on the executive are Michael Sangster as Vice-Chair and Linda Bruce as Secretary.

Christine Irvine
Chair & Treasurer

Michael Sangster
Vice Chair

Linda Bruce

Welcome New Members

We are pleased to introduce new members Alison Bouchier and Tamara Deines to the Board of OutCare. OutCare will benefit from their clinical knowledge of palliative care and fresh perspective.

Alison has volunteered in palliative day hospice programs for more than 10 years while Tamara is a registered practical nurse overseeing a team providing in-home care.

Learn more about our Board Leadership at

Thank You Retiring Members

We are grateful for the many contributions made by retiring Board members:

  • Brian MacGregor 1999-2021
  • Dr. Ian Warrack 2012-2021
  • Michael Hughes 2014-2021
  • Bernie Forestell 2019-2021




Christine Irvine
Michael Sangster
Linda Bruce