Turning Your Donations into Care

November 15, 2021

We are proud to announce that we were able to fully fund all the grant applications that we received in 2021.

Thanks to your generous donations, these local hospices can enhance existing programs and undertake trial initiatives to deliver essential palliative care within the Champlain Health Region.

Last year, we funded Carefor Hospice Cornwall’s Comfort Kit pilot project. It was exciting to learn that their success sparked conversations with Hospice Care Ottawa. We were very pleased to support Hospice Care Ottawa this year with their own Comfort Kit program, tailored to the needs of their clients.

Medical equipment loan cupboards continue to be important resources for individuals with life-limiting illnesses who are receiving care in-home. We have provided funding so that loan cupboards could replace equipment and for a commercial steamer to sterilize equipment between use. Another initiative will deliver hospital beds to client homes and a grant to the Dianne Morrison Hospice at the Ottawa Mission will purchase two new electric hospital beds.

Visiting home hospice programs help make it possible for clients to stay at home. This year, OutCare was able to provide funding for Roger Neilson House to enhance their Visiting Home Hospice program. Their volunteers will receive training and oversight to offer therapeutic activities that will improve the quality of life for the children and families in their care.

OutCare has learned through conversations with local hospices of the growing demand for grief and bereavement services. The exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic have meant that many bereaved individuals have not addressed their grief. We applaud Carefor Hospice Cornwall’s new program to provide Grief Care Kits to enhance follow up bereavement visits to their clients.

The 2021 Grants help address urgent gaps in palliative care funding but we know that the need continues. OutCare regularly engages with our local hospices and palliative care experts to ensure that the monies entrusted to us by our donors are allocated to have the most impact.

2021 Grant Recipients

Roger Neilson House

  • $16,800 to enhance the Visiting Home Hospice Program

Dianne Morrison Hospice

  • $6,911 to buy two electric hospital beds

Beth Donovan Hospice

  • $6,484 to purchase new items for their loaning cupboard

Carefor Hospice Cornwall

  • $5,260 to create Grief Comfort Kits

Hospice Care Ottawa

  • $5,000 to launch a Comfort Kit pilot

Carefor Pembroke Community Hospice Program

  • $3,300 to deliver hospital beds to patients’ homes

Dundas County Hospice

  • $1,800 to purchase and industrial steamer