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Dave Kalil, Ottawa’s Piano Man

Dave Kalil, Ottawa’s Piano Man, will be performing his

Take a Break online concert in support of the OutCare Foundation

Saturday Feb 20 @ 7:30pm via facebook live.


Thanks to Dave Kalil for sharing his music to raise funds for palliative care.

Thanks to TELUS and the Zed Family for stepping up to match donations and participation.

For every dollar donated, TELUS and will match the donation, up to $10,000

and the Zed Family will donate $20 for every viewer!

This generosity means that every dollar is actually 2 dollars and simply by joining the show you are donating $20.

I am asking for your help – will you make a donation this week knowing it will be matched?

I am often asked, “Why are you so engaged with the OutCare Foundation?”, and my answer is simple. They make a real contribution to improving the quality of palliative care in Eastern Ontario.

I have had two experiences with palliative care.  They were very private and personal and showed me that a vastly improved end-of-life experience is possible when resources and staff are accessible to help a patient and their family through challenging end-of-life days.

The hospices providing palliative care in Eastern Ontario face significant funding challenges and rely on fundraising to make up shortfalls. They desperately need help as COVID has not only put a huge strain on their staff and patients, it has also made fundraising almost impossible.

So, when asked, why am I involved, it is to support those frontline caregivers who are working to deliver essential end-of-life palliative care and support to patients and their families. It is to provide funding for the equipment, training and support to meet the needs of palliative patients and their families while navigating an end-of-life journey.

The OutCare Foundation goal is to raise funds to support hospice palliative care programs whether delivered at a hospice or at home for patients who have chosen to spend their final days in the comfort of their own home. OutCare does not do the hands-on work, we support palliative care through our annual grants to support frontline palliative care programs and staff.

We have an amazing opportunity to raise much need funds this Saturday, February 20th, and I am asking for your help.  Thanks to the matching donation from TELUS, up to $10,000, and the $20 per viewer from the Zed Family, your donation and participation will make a significant impact.

Watch the free concert on Dave Kalil’s facebook page.

I hope you will join me and the OutCare Foundation in support of those who deliver palliative care - true health care heroes.


Michael Sangster

OutCare Foundation Board Member


Make your matching donation | Read Caroline Philips’ OBJ article on Dave’s support of OutCare

Why Donate?

Donate to support palliative care across Eastern Ontario.

Donate to ensure palliative care is there you when need it.

Donate because it matters!


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Did You Know?

An estimated 90% of us will need palliative care.

Only an estimated 30% of those who need palliative care can access it.

Most of us wish to die in home yet at least 50% of deaths still occur in hospitals.

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